Whether building, renovating or need an odd job fixed, we can help you.

From design, supply and installation of lights, fans, power outlets and much more, we service all new homes, home renovations/extensions and real estate/strata electrical needs. 

 We can also modernise your existing electricals during renovations and assist with fixing electrical problems at your rental property.

New Homes
Home Renovations/Extensions
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Services We Provide

Under-tile heating for the colder months.

Not a fan of the cold feet? Under-tile heating is for you! Installing them will ensure your floor is warm, allowing heat to rise and providing warmth to the rest of your home. 

Home theatre and multi-room speaker systems.

Want to feel like you’re in the front row of a live music set, or inside the movie you’re watching? Install a home theatre and multi-room speaker system for an all-encompassing experience. 

Installation of ceiling fans and lighting.

A new home is an exciting time! Let us install your ceiling fans, power outlets, lighting and much more to turn your house into a home. 

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Frequently Asked

Can you help me with planning the location of power outlets?

Yes. Our qualified electricians can arrange to sit with you and go over your house plans to establish best placement of power outlets to provide solutions for making your home work for you in the most practical and attractive way possible. 

Can you help me make my electricity more energy efficient?

Absolutely! We use LED lighting in our work, proven to be one of the most energy efficient lighting options. We can also give you some useful tips and ideas to help you save money on your electricity bill and help the environment. 

Can you try to work with us to fit our budget?

Yes. We can help you by providing solutions to your electrical needs in cost-effective ways that don’t force you to blow your budget.

Services We Provide

Wiring of your new extension or renovation.

We can complete the electrical wiring of your new extension or renovation to ensure you enjoy the lighting, appliances and general running of your home. 

Changing locations of power outlets

Renovations and extensions mean change, so we help reposition power outlets to suit the new space created for you to sit back and enjoy.

Get creative with lighting and design services.

Creative lighting design can enhance homes and improve ambiance. We take pride in being able to assist with the positioning of lights to give you the best possible outcome.

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Contact us on 04999 C MACK (2 6225) or through our enquiry form for more information on our wide range of electrical services to help solve any problems or requirements you have. 

Frequently Asked

Do you do free electrical quotes for extensions and renovations?

Absolutely, our quotes are 100% free. We will arrange to meet with you, listen to what you want for your new space and assist with the design and installation. We will also provide any ideas we may have that will enhance your home. Once we discuss the works required, we will notify you of the costs before we begin any work. 

How do we know if an old home we are renovating needs to be rewired?

After our free-quote meeting, one our qualified electricians will inspect the current wiring of the home and advise on an rewiring work that may be required. 

How long do electrical jobs typically take on a renovation or extension?

We pride ourselves on honesty and efficiency. We understand renovations and extensions can take time due to unexpected issues and may need to be completed as soon as possible to ensure the space is ready for other trades. We will work with you to create an estimated and workable timeframe, being flexible with your schedule. 

Services We Provide

A process to make your job easier

We have systems in place to make the process of booking our services from start to finish easy, streamlined and as little work on your part as possible. 

Prevent scheduled maintenance issues

Preventative scheduled maintenance will extend the life of your circuit breaker panel and help to decrease the risk of breakdown and safety hazards within your business. 

100% free quotes

Property managers can have peace of mind with our 100% free quote system on works, and assurance of the safety and upkeep of their client’s property.

Contact us for all electrical needs

Contact us on 04999 C MACK (2 6225) or through our enquiry form for more information on our wide range of electrical services to help solve any problems or requirements you have. 

Frequently Asked

How can I easily book your services?

With the essential and consistent maintenance and servicing required to ensure the tenants and owners of homes are safe and operating efficiently, we understand real estate and strata is constant work. 

To ensure an easy booking process, you can call us direct at 04999 C MACK (2 6225) for instant information on how to approach your electrical needs. We will take care of the job from beginning to end, including making invoicing and payments as quick and easy as possible. 

Do you offer 24/7 services?

Yes, we have qualified electricians on call 24/7. We are just a phone call away allowing your tenant or owner’s home to be repaired and made safe.

Can we set up a maintenance schedule on our properties?

Yes, we can set up scheduled maintenance for as many properties as you need. Contact us today for further information and benefits you could gain from the program. 

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