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Ceiling fans vs Air conditioner, what to choose?

The heating and cooling of our home accounts for nearly 38% of our electricity bills. When the peak temperatures of summer hit, what will keep us cool and comfortable and what are the costs to this comfort? It’s individual as to how much the heat will affect us, so the answer really comes down to personal preference and budget.  

An increase in outside temperatures can become an increase in cost when using an air conditioner. 

Air conditioning 

On 30+ degree days, nothing cools a room or home quicker than an air-conditioner. There are a wide range of air conditioners – from split system air-conditioners (great for cooling a single room), to ducted air con (great for cooling your entire home) – that can quickly and efficiently ease the discomfort of hot weather.   

With the increase of outside temperatures can come an increase in the cost of using  an air conditioner. The cost of the unit price, installation and power usage to run an air conditioner can quickly add up, dependant on the type of air conditioner you have installed will impact your electrical costs. For a split system air-conditioner, for example, it can be up to 40 cents per hour to run. Ducted air conditioning increases to between $1.48-$1.94 an hour, additional to the costs to run your air-conditioner. Add the installation, maintenance and unit cost and you have lost a small fortune.  

Ceiling Fans

You won’t find many homes in Australia that don’t have a ceiling fan. And, it makes sense. As one of the easiest ways to cool yourself down, the ceiling fan has become a staple for Aussies trying to survive our sweltering summers. They are also easy to install, and more cost-effective than air conditioners. 

Ceiling fans cost less than 2 cents per hour to operate, allowing you to keep a cool head when your next electricity bill comes in.   

The shortfall of ceiling fans, however, is that they don’t cool the whole environment you are in. Instead, they push cool air around the room to eventually help you to cool down slower than an air conditioner, and with less temperature control.

What to choose?

Choosing between an air conditioner and ceiling fan really comes down to your preference and budget. The coolness of an air conditioner means comfort, but with a hefty bill to match. A fan, on the other hand, is not as quick to cool as the air conditioner, but will do the job and save you money on your next bill.

If you want ceiling fans installed, give us a call and let us help you cool down. 

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