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Time to call an electrician

Electrical issues can occur at the worst of times, creating stress and potential harm to your residence and those within it. There can be a number of reasons emergencies occur; from poor wiring to faulty appliances, there are not always obvious precursors before the trouble starts. It is important to know how to identify when an electrical issue may need to be attended to immediately by an electrician. Although small issues may seem unimportant, it is important to take all electrical problems seriously so they don’t grow to bigger issues. 

Unusual sounds 

Your outlets and switches should be silent. If you hear any buzzing, crackling or sounds coming from a home’s outlet, switches or appliances (or they are hot to touch), you need to turn off the power to the affected area. These sounds can be signals of a serious electrical issue within your home and could put your home at risk of blackouts and electrical fires. 

Exposed wires 

Exposed wires can cause serious or even fatal injury, including electric shock, fire or electrocution – all of which could affect you and your family if not attended to immediately. If you come across any exposed wires throughout your home or business, do not touch them. Instead, contact a qualified electrician to determine the problem and find a safe solution. 

Charred devices

If switches are melted or a slightly discoloured, charred or blackened in colour, you will need to contact a qualified electrician as soon as possible. These traits can be an indication of issues that may be occurring with your in-wall wiring.  

Flickering Lights 

Flickering lights can mean a few things, and some issues are not as serious as others. Loose bulbs or faulty light switches may be the cause, however they can also be easily fixed by replacing the switch or tightening the light bulb. If these solutions do not fix the problem you will need to seek a qualified electrician. 

If you experience any of the above, call us today and let us help you.

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