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3 quick and easy ways to save on your electricity bill

It is no secret that the rising cost of living in Australia is leaving many people struggling to live and looking to cut costs wherever they can. Household bills can quickly add up and ways to cut these costs can have a considerable impact on your budget and allow for breathing space. 

Saving money on your electricity bill can not only help reduce financial stress but also help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. 

We understand these concerns, and are dedicated to helping Australian families and businesses lower their monthly power spend. So, here we share some of the easiest ways to cut the costs on your next electricity bill...

There is a growing focus on saving money on electricity to help reduce financial stress and, too, the household carbon footprint. 

3 easy ways you can save on your electricity bill

Switch off power points at the wall

One of the quickest and easiest ways to help reduce your electricity bill is to turn off appliances at the power point when they are not being used. When your TVs, phone chargers and computers switch into standby mode, they still use electricity. 

Appliances can account for 30% of your energy bill and standby power can account for more than 10% of your household electricity use. 

Get into the habit of turning off appliances not in use at the powerpoint, including your kettle, toaster and coffee maker. It’s unnecessary to have energy running on things you aren’t using, so be mindful to turn them off and save on your next bill.  

Climate control 

The heating and cooling of your home can account for nearly 38% of your total energy bill, making it one of the biggest contributors. 

During the colder months, seal up gaps and cracks around windows and doors to block any drafts. Throughout the day, let the sunlight do some natural heating through open blinds and curtains. When using a heater, close the doors to the rooms you are using, and turn off the heat once it has reached a comfortable temperature. 

Simply opting for hot water bottles over electric blankets can not only keep you warm during those cold winter nights but wont fry your electricity bill. 

During the hot months, close off curtains and blinds through the day to trap the heat out and create a cost- and energy-efficient way of cooling your house down. After a hot day let the windows open at night for breeze to flow in through. 

Research: Check the energy rating of new appliances 

The appliance that’s on sale for a bargain price may not mean you are saving that much. The price tag may be cheap but the energy rating could scream “Hello increased electricity bill”. 

When selecting appliances, choose products that suit your needs and use the lowest number of watts or megajoules. In simple terms, the more stars on the energy rating label, the more energy-efficient the appliance is; meaning less cost to you in the long run. 

Start saving now! 

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